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Road Use and Maintenance Agreement

Each ROADWAY USE, REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT (RUMA), is made and entered, by and between JEFFERSON COUNTY, OHIO (County), acting by and through its Board of Commissioners, and its respective TOWNSHIPS and (Business) by and thru its contractors and subcontractors and each of their respective agents, employees, representatives etc.

Projects and construction that require heavy and excessive hauling on County and Township highways may require the need for a RUMA. The nature of the hauling activities along with the proposed haul route shall be discussed with the County and Township prior to an agreement execution or use of such route. 

The intent of all Jefferson County Road Use and Maintenance Agreements is to protect County and Township highways from excessive use and damage beyond the current design or existing use. Information analyzed as part of our RUMA process is pavement strength, pavement width, proposed ESAL loading, safety concerns and time frame for the proposed project. 

For more information and questions related to our RUMA process please contact Eric or Clay at 740-283-8574 or by submitting a question to jeffersoncountyengineer.com/contact-us/ .